Thursday, November 8, 2012


Just to pass on two very different encouragements.

First, I have just returned from seeing my cancer surgeon at hospital and my six month test has declared me clear of cancer.  Oh yeah!  We are praising God and so thankful for all your many continuing prayers and this wonderful answer. I have had several high points, especially when my class gathered round and laid hands on me with prayer on Tuesday evening.  My doctor told me that the largest number of 'failures' for this kind of surgery occur within two years so I have to remain vigilant (and prayerful!),  though 5 years of clear tests is necessary before he will declare the cancer removed.  As you can imagine, Carol and I are exhilarated. 

Actually, other family news has tended to take priority.  Milo, our six-month old London grandson, cracked his skull when his poor mother fell a couple of days ago.  After an overnight hospital stay with scans etc. he was released with the need for careful observation over these next days.  So, there's an urgent reason to remain vigilant and prayerful.  Thank you so much for journeying with us.

Second, and as markedly lower-order very different news, I have heard from my publisher  (Baker Publishing) two things.  One is directly commercial and they asked me to post the details.  The other is commercially motivated (!) yet thrills me with its possibilities.
  • Preaching as Worship is now on specially reduced rates as an ebook.  For the rest of November it is being sold for $6:99 - a 61% saving.  It is part of my publisher's drive to increase ebook sales. 
  • Preaching as Worship is being translated into Korean. My 360degree leadership book was translated into Korean just a couple of years ago and I am excited to think that I might have just a little more influence on leaders of this vital part of the Christian family. 
It's interesting to reflect that this second-order news would hardly have registered if my cancer news had been different, and little Milo does not continue to improve!  But if the good Lord is giving me continuing health and strength (as He seems to be) this has given my writing ministry a small boost.  Yes, there's more to do!

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