Monday, December 10, 2012

Advent scurry

The recent absence of postings is easily explained!  Both my sets of students in  Master of Divinity and Doctor of Divinity programs have needed grading of final papers.  It has been a spectacular single-minded task from dawn well beyond dusk, day-after-day (though I say it myself).   Some friends have supposed me to be exaggerating (one even claiming it was to be expected since I am a Baptist preacher...ouch!)  but in the last twelve days I have graded 60 sermons!  Six were preached in the preaching lab and details of 54 were sent as part of the DMin assignment.  You can imagine how much good it has done me?

Tomorrow we leave for England with all hopes that our fixer-upper new home in Cambridge would be ready, firmly dashed.  Oh, no! Instead of beginning much needed rooting and nesting we shall need to be pilgrim people for several weeks.  Hopefully, we shall be able to put on a fresh change of clothes (presently stored in a closed container somewhere in Norfolk) before returning to the US on February 15th to present the Beeson Preaching Series at Asbury Seminary, Kentucky.

So, please do not expect much blogging as we scurry on through Advent.  In the busyness, however, we shall try to keep focused on the great news that Advent prepares for in the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.  May you know strength and joy this season.

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