Saturday, February 9, 2013

One year on - and thankful!

Just over one year ago I went through prostate cancer surgery and in my journal I recorded the process step-by-step (including enough gruesome details).  On February 2nd. my surgeon came into the consulting room where Carol and I anxiously awaited the outcome. All kinds of black thoughts crowded in.  Many of you will know how bleak such a situation can be.

'Good news', he beamed, 'we believe we have removed all the cancer.'  Carol recorded the surge of gratitude we felt in one of her memorable posts, and the way that the surgeon agreed with her that prayer is powerful.  The black thoughts dispersed,  the bleakness lifted with a glorious burst of sunshine warmth.

Now, 12 months on I have had two further encouraging tests (though the surgeon warns me I need five years' of similar test results).  Today, I need to post something about the profound sense of gratitude that we both continue to experience.  Continuing thankfulness is the secret to positive Christian living.  It is the obvious launch pad for praising God and his big picture.  It was a rotten time, but one year on we are more aware of the gift of life, and thankful for the miracle of healing and for being alive.   We really thank the Lord and all of you who shared in the journey.  Really!    

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Wade Allen said...

Great to hear the good news Michael. We are thankful that God has more work for you here.