Monday, April 8, 2013

Another viewpoint

Enthusiastically I posted about my grandchildren (and me) coloring those sculptures.  Well, yesterday we met some friends who live in the next village.  In conversation I mentioned the event with my grandchildren and the chalks.

'Oh, no!' said my friend. 'When I drove past those sculptures I said - what a tragedy!  Those animal figures have been vandalized.  Look at the mess they have made! I was really shocked that such a thing could happen'.

Frankly, my story and further insistence that the sculptor himself had invited us to chalk our names and make our colors seemed to make no difference.  For them it's now an eyesore (at least until it rains later this week and washes it all off!)  And, if I'm really honest, it does look as though children have just had a good time with chalk.

Isn't that a corrective?  Just when I thought something good had happened which even spoke of bigger Easter issues, adding to life, someone else saw it as a meaningless act.  Is there a further lesson here?

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the Quickes! said...

Oh, this made me laugh! And really, to have happened right after Easter. What an allegory this could be.