Sunday, September 22, 2013

Australian Highlights (3)

It is possible that some readers will think we are currently lost somewhere in Australia because my highlights suddenly ceased! My silence since partly resulted from patchy internet access in Sydney (our next stop),  even less access in China (on the way home), and then tumultuous frantic re-entry in the US coinciding with the beginning of term.

Before I went to Perth I posted about the conference I was addressing: 'Beyond Three Points: Preaching at the crossroads' in which I revealed fragments of early thinking, But, by the time I gave the first lecture, I probably brought more recently digested stuff to this conference than I have ever done elsewhere. Reading books right up to the last minute, my talks had alterations scattered like a severe measles outbreak on every page.  Given an hour for each lecture I regret to say that I overan (in spite of Carol time-keeping on the back row).  It is said that if you want to understand something better you should try explaining it to someone else.  I truly think that my work on missional theology was clarified through all this experience, and though attendees were very kind I am sure I received more benefit than they.  My last session took a stab at '5 and a third commandments for missional preaching' which promises much more and really needs future work.  Yes, indeed.

As I shared in all this, with two conference panel discussions and many conversations I felt so privileged to be part of this preaching world the other side of the world and to be given space and time to think through hot issues. I have just finished a brand new DMin intensive week and I know how much Perth helped frame that.  Next month I am giving the Broadus Lectures at Anderson University, South Carolina  and for that too I sense the surf rising as I tackle the theme: The Dangerous Act of Preaching.  I am grateful to be alive wrestling with all this stuff and I really hope it will encourage a new generation of preachers.  Thank you Perth for pushing this button!

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