Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas is here!

The silence since my last post is explained by a frantic transition which saw us finish term at Northern Seminary in a rush (with all class final grades submitted just 12 hours before boarding the plane for the UK!)  Tying up loose ends, and packing (especially re- re-packing) for England to avoid excess baggage charges squandered too much energy leaving us near exhaustion as we returned to our Cambridge house. Within two days our grandchildren arrived and from somewhere (!) fresh energy was summonsed for this joy.

On Christmas Day most churches in the UK have a Christmas Service and I am booked to be the preacher for one at my former church in Cambridge.  Children are encouraged to bring a favourite present to show the preacher as he tours round the congregation.  But I am always thrilled that the service gives time to stop and marvel as adults too about the greatest breakthrough in the story of the world.

I shall focus on the greeting in Luke 2:11:  'Unto you is born this day....a Saviour'. (yes, English spelling!)  I have warmed to some words that were preached by Joseph Parker as he emphasized the significance of the need for a Saviour:.
This is just what the world wanted.  This is just what the world always wants.... a Saviour.  If Christ the Lord  will not do, get up some other person; but do get a Saviour.  We do not want you to be finding fault with one Saviour if you can get another.  Jesus Christ is willing to stand aside if you can supersede him by one more excellent, by one mightier, by one of larger heart.  He is willing to be displaced if you can bring forward any person who will do a deeper, truer, larger, nobler work.

At Christmas we claim there is no other.  The Saviour truly has come and everything is different because of his living, dying and rising.  May you have a glorious Christmas with the Saviour!

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