Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Fresh/Old look

Another advantage to seeing our New Jersey family is that Rob can bend some of his considerable IT expertise towards helping my feeble skills.  Alert readers will notice that this blog is now renamed as and much of the material which languished (appropriate description) on my web-site of that name can now be found under the different pages in my blog.  With the loss of my main computer in Wheaton last year I also lost ability to edit these webpages. 
Rob informs me that it's quite cool to use your blog as your main web site and anyone now logging into will be re-directed here.
I have never been sure that the effort of posting is truly worthwhile.  Some of you make kind comments and surprise me mightily by mentioning you have read something or other!  As I shall share in future emails, I might still have some interesting opportunities ahead as Emeritus Professor and will value your partnership and input if these come to pass.
As a disclaimer:  much of the transferred material from my old web site is woefully out of date.  I have actually published since 2009 and (if I had the energy) there is a great deal of new oral/visual material on-line which could be added.  Anyway, at least I can access it now to try and keep more up-to-date!

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