Thursday, September 18, 2014

'God is cunning...'

I have now been out of hospital for over a week.  Implications of my injury are beginning to sink in.  One doctor told me I suffer from one of the worst bone breakages!  It will take 10-12 weeks for bones and tissue to heal around plate, screws and pins, but up to another 9 months for me to be able to walk 'normally'.  So, my visit to the US has been cancelled as have many other plans!

My life follows the oddest of routines around taking pills, flopping on the bed, attempting physio exercises,  interspersed by brief intervals wobbling on crutches and balancing on my bottom up and down stairs.  Pain continues undiminished though, of course, I remain incredible stoical as does Carol so suddenly thrust into a carer's role.

Several visitors have come and brought sunshine.  On Tuesday, Dave (God's greatest taxi driver) whose Christian story has cropped up several times in the past twenty years of ministry - always eventfully - came to ask me about taking part in his baby's thanksgiving service.  Before setting off on his day's taxi work he sat on his sofa and prayed: 'Lord, please use me today!'   Arriving at my house he realized I did not have a wheelchair nor a stool for the shower.  Immediately, he said he would drive across the city to the Red Cross centre and collect them for me.  While at the centre, another couple called him and (would you believe it) they needed a wheelchair and stool too.  So, he bundled all this equipment in his taxi, drove first to this other couple who couldn't believe his speedy service, and then came on to me.

The equipment has revolutionized my life.  I needed the chair for visiting the hospital physio that same afternoon and the stool enabled me to have my first shower for two weeks (to the relief of all visitors!)   As Dave had a bowl of soup with us, he told me about how he had prayed to be used that morning but how he had no idea that this would involve him so directly with my needs in this way.  'You see, you never know when you pray like that what God will do..  God is cunning and he works out ways to use you!'  I think we would normally choose words like wise and caring....but I truly thank God and Dave for working together so practically for me.

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