Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Responses please

To my horror I have realized (very late) that my Yahoo account has been sending out my messages but likes to delete any responses you make!  I have wondered several times recently whether friends ever received my email. My 'Sent File' shows it was definitely sent.  But, to my great embarrassment I have discovered that friends' replies had been wiped out of existence, even while their systems assured them it had arrived.  This explains much of my recent administrative confusion!   Should you be one of the unfortunates who is still awaiting my reply to your reply please try again on: mquicke@faculty.seminary.edu.

However, this miscommunication chimed with a seasonal thought.  That the greatest message the world has ever heard that God so loved that he sent his only Son is intended for responses from everyone.  And those responses will always be heard.  As I prepare for yet another set of Christmas services I want to be sure there is no over-familiarity, no jading and fading, no miscommunication!  Rather, an authentic 2014 response.  I am always helped by others' prayers.  This year I am praying a challenging prayer from Alan Gaunt.

Lord Jesus Christ be born in us again,
live in us for the sake of other people.
Let your coming be glorious in us so that its light
may go on increasing and increasing,
filling the world,
till joy bursts like balloons and bangs like crackers,
full of great gifts:
love, truth, peace, health, singing and delight,
rushing through this world,
through every world, through the universe,
brighter than a billion suns.
From your cradle to your Cross,
through your Resurrection, take us with you,
this year, every year:
till we come with you and all creation
to the full glory of God and praise you with him
in the Holy Spirit for ever.   AMEN.

A VERY HAPPYLIGHT-INCREASING,  JOY-BURSTING CHRISTMAS from Carol and me to all my faithful readers.

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