Tuesday, February 10, 2015


Next Sunday I will focus on Jesus' disturbing question: 'What were you arguing about on the road?'(Mark 9:33) I find it challenging because some Christian arguments are necessary, even unavoidable! Look at the story of the early church in Acts and you can see huge tensions in chapters 6 and 15 which could have blown the church apart.  No group of humans going through change can avoid conflict.  You know the maxim: 'Whatever your hand finds to do, others will do it differently'.   I think coping with conflict is a vital part of Christian togetherness.
However, this question  is asked disciples who are arguing about who is the greatest.  Now that's a different matter. My planning so far is summed up by a main impact:
      By the grace of God this sermon will say - that our arguments sometimes reveal our pride.
      This sermon will do - rebuke self-importance in the kingdom.
The worship service concludes with communion. Jesus provides us with the perfect way to consider who we are as a community who can have no pride in his presence.

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