Sunday, March 29, 2015

28 questions

I have just filled in a questionnaire 'How I preach.'  Abe Kuruvilla has a website where he has published answers garnered from a variety of preachers, and he's adding me to the list.

Some of the questions are to be expected: Who or what made you want to preach in the first place?  Tell us your sermon-prep routine. Average numbers of prep hours per sermon? Who critiques your sermon, besides yourself? Use of Greek and Hebrew?  One word that best describes how you prepare to preach? And how you preach?  Any props used regularly?
Other questions are less likely: Are you more of an introvert or an extrovert?  What do you listen to while you work?  Exercise routine? Sleep routine?  Spiritual disciplines?  Favorite food?

I liked the way that he ensured a more holistic approach by including questions about personality type and both physical and spiritual disciplines. 'How I preach' is intimately bound up with who I am and my experiences so far on my spiritual journey.  One question asked: How has your preaching improved over time?  I had to respond honestly that I couldn't be sure - I hoped that I was more mature and helpful but there's really only one Judge of whether I have been a faithful ambassador!
At the end of the questionnaire he asks if there is anything else you'd like to add. I am sure there are other issues that I should face.

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