Sunday, September 13, 2015

Stranger at the door

Following my last post someone emailed me a warning about the dangers of letting just anyone in your home. They mentioned the movie 'Paper Moon' about the father and daughter con artists! It's true - you never quite know about people.

Recently, there was a ring on doorbell.  An older man stood there who I didn't recognize.  Fixing me intently he asked: 'What were you doing on January 29th 1966?'  No preamble.  No clues. I have faced some strange questions in the past but this abruptness was startling and disturbing.  Was the past catching up with me?  What on earth did this date mean?  As I admitted I did not have a clue about my whereabouts nearly 50 years ago, he smiled and said it was the day that the new Baptist Church building at Arbury Road, Cambridge was opened.  My father had been pastor and I was a twenty-year old sharing in the event. He had been present at the opening too and now that the anniversary was coming round he was asking whether I might preach at a special service to give thanks 50 years on.

He came in and sat down, producing photocopies of the original service sheet with my father's name on it.  Memories came flooding back of this important event in my father's ministry and the many answers to prayer that came to fruition that day.  Apparently, they are inviting anybody who was around at that time (!)  So this proved to be a welcome stranger who, the longer I was with him, the more I sort of remembered him!   Of course, I said 'yes' to celebrating memories and the ongoing story on the last Sunday of January 2016 - another privilege of older age!

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