Friday, March 18, 2016

Oh no, Facebook at last

I am startled to hear myself say this:  I have joined the Facebook community!  After years of resistance, because I know how easily you mount up huge amounts of traffic (and lose vast numbers of minutes), I have relented.  Why?

Because I need to spread the good news of the New Kind of Preacher program that we are launching in the US.  It is clear that one of the chief ways is to create a Facebook presence.

One of the greatest challenges emerging from the colloquium was the way that other seminaries have developed a very strong online presence for their preaching programs.  I confess that I felt rebuked at my technological dinosaur tiptoeing into the twenty-first century I move as a snail.
If you do want to visit my NKPfacebook page and give some encouragement to me and 'like' my page please visit here:

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