Monday, May 8, 2017

Public kneeling

Flying out from the US four days ago brought the usual problems of balancing the weights of our suitcases.   With a limit of 50lbs (US non-metric!) I began juggling between our three cases a few days before leaving.  We travel with a measurer - it's hook goes under each handle and as the suitcase is raised the needle gives a reasonable read-out.  Eventually I had moved heavy articles with sufficient care that each case seemed to be marginally under the limit.

But, as you will have likely guessed, in the main Departure Hall at O'Hare airport the official baggage weigh-in proved I had been optimistic.  The first case to go on the scale was 47 lbs.  I relaxed.  The second case was 51lbs and the third was also 51lbs.  The wearily cheery clerk said: 'Easy - just take a pound out of each and put it into the first.'  However, the cases are butterfly designed, flopping open at the middle to expose the entire contents on either side.  To my horror I found myself obstructing far more of the queue than I intended.  As people stepped around my kneeling figure I removed items from one offending case,  and then the another, to place them in the first case.  Standing up, flushed with accomplishment, I then found out that this case had become a 1lb too heavy!  Overcompensating! On my knees again!

Carol pleaded - 'What is one pound over in the big scheme of things?  Good grief, they don't weigh passengers themselves!'   However the machine said OVER WEIGHT.  Sheer legalism! Anyway, we have made it back....and rejoice at overcoming travel obstacles!  Thanks to those of you who prayed for our journey.  Alas, my airport kneeling did not contribute positively to prayer!

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Brian Astell said...

Welcome back to UK and home -or is it? I suspect you secretly still love going away;or are you like me -enjoy the stay but dread the travel to get there and return these days.I went down Monday to B'mouth to give my annual musical talk to FRMS and actually travelled 1st class -for £5 above the normal fare - where Virgin supplied me with free food and drink.Lovely to have lamb stew brought to your table with a muffin and fruit juice. Now THAT I could get used to.Brian