Thursday, March 22, 2018

A Cambridge God Adventure* 40) Not another minister?

(*please skip if you have not been following this story). I left readers dangling with my post on the Pressures builds.  What surprised us next?  Well, two things that were to run on and on.  One arose out of concern for Carol and me.  The church began to think and pray about calling another full-time minister to come and work alongside me.

You can imagine the lively debate! Surely it's too soon - how can we possibly support another minister (and family presumably) ?  Who knows what other major items lie ahead. Aren't we already praying for extending the use of our premises?  What could that cost? Have you looked at our finances recently? And countering were some fiery calls to act in faith.  How can we continue to grow without more help?  And how can we dare think of our city centre mission through redeveloped premises without strengthening the ministerial team?   And why get off the wave now?

The March Church members' meeting heard the proposal that we should start looking for an assistant minister.  All the above view points (and more) were expressed in honest, open and prayerful debate.  I have already mentioned how much I looked forward to our regular church meetings because of their quality of sharing and waiting on God. This was another one of those special occasions. At the end, after prayer, the vote was taken about whether we should start looking for another minister or not.

It was a unanimous Yes. The May prayer agenda listed at item 2: The search for an assistant minister that we may be led to God's choice.  This went hand-in-hand with item 3: Guidance concerning the possible redevelopment of our premises.  Both of these subjects were to dominate the months to come....but we were on the way!

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