Thursday, May 3, 2018

A Cambridge God Adventure* 49) Preparing for Easter Day 1984

(*please skip if you have not been following this story).  Back to the story! The months between deciding that Easter would be our day of faith commitment and the Sunday itself was packed full with meetings, letters, and prayer.  A leaflet 'What is God's future for us?' set the background and declared that four times in the 260 years of the church's history our predecessors had exercised faith in massive capital expenditures including the schoolrooms in 1890 and latest church building in 1903. They had exercised faith and spiritual responsibility for later generations - for us.

The leaflet re-stated the church members' resolution clearly and invited friends to share in a church meal followed by information and prayer evening on the Tuesday two weeks before Easter.  I still have my full notes from that vital meeting which included answering  specific queries I had received some of which questioned the whole venture.

Included in the leaflet was a tear-off card with spaces and boxes to indicate exact amounts that people could give or loan in a variety of ways. For four nights in Holy Week. I agreed to sit in my vestry between 7.30-9.00 pm on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and 10.00- 1.00 pm on Saturday.  All gifts and promises would be kept confidential to the Building Fund Treasurer who alone would have responsibility for making calculations combining all our promises. These would be announced at the Easter Sunday morning service.  Of course the week's other evenings of Maundy Thursday and Good Friday were vital times of worship together.  It was going to be an Easter I would never forget.

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