Saturday, June 2, 2018

A Cambridge God Adventure* 57) A fudge and a blow

(*please skip if you have not been following this story).  So far in the building story no irrevocable steps had been taken. By September 1986 we knew we needed to take that irrevocable step!  After yet another information evening (no one could claim they didn't know what was going on!) we set the  September 30th church meeting as decision day.  Yes, finances were still woefully short. Yes, we were still divided over the scheme.  Yes many of us remained convinced that we were in God's big story.

It proved to be a tough evening.  More people spoke out strongly against the scheme than at previous meetings.  One member read out ten objections.  Another claimed that the leadership was being disobedient to God. 'How can we borrow £210,000 when we are already at fully stretch?'  It was uncomfortable chairing between two sets of very strong convictions, for and against. I was definitely in the former camp yet tried to remain open to what God was saying to us. Not easy, and I had my critics (probably deservedly)!

Instead of a clear positive decision, a proposal was passed which was a definite fudge. The fellowship of St. Andrew's Street Baptist Church reaffirms its commitment to the Church Development and to the ongoing witness planned for the Christian Centre by agreeing to support it in the sacrificial giving of our time, talents and money and through constant prayer'.  I know there was disappointment yet this fudge enabled us to go on praying and working.

Another brochure was produced: Something IS happening in Cambridge.  There was fresh stimulus to giving and within a couple of months further gifts and promises of £70,000 plus interest feel loans.

Then came another major blow.  The lowest tender instead of being about £500,000 came in way above this figure at £717,000.  The goalposts kept moving. We were actually on a different pitch!  Hesitation about going forward seemed vindicated.  Just how could we say God was in this process when so many barriers kept going up?

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