Friday, July 20, 2018

A Cambridge God Adventure* 70) Look back in wonder

(*please skip if you have not been following this story).  The possibility of appointing a Director accelerated enthusiasm to flesh out the details about how the Stone Centre might operate on a daily basis.

In October we held a Stone Yard Brain and Heart-Storming Conference.  I have a bulging file for this full afternoon because it required careful preparation to ensure maximum participation. Guidance for group leaders were provided. Think and Pray handouts were given beforehand asking everyone -
1.To list the four particular things or activities they would like to see in the Stone Yard Centre and why.
2.  What would you be willing to DO about your answers?
3.  Are there any particular problems you see? How should they be faced?

And wow did people participate. Six groups worked hard with their insights later summarized on yet another sheet.  I showed overhead acetates from the earlier day conference in 1986.  They highlighted some hopes and dreams for the centre which included:  help for the unemployed, counselling for families under pressure, and daily lunches in a restaurant.  All of these seemed so far off.  Now we marvelled at their prophetic insight and sheer cheek!  Now, some two years later these were becoming reality.  Roy Toseland was leading the Job Club for the unemployed and in September we had appointed Mandy Dibsdale as our Catering Manageress of the restaurant.  She immediately began planing for an opening on November 8th, providing lunch-time meals as well as routine coffee, tea etc. Others were also appointed to make the vision work alongside her.

We looked back in wonder at answered prayers.

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