Wednesday, September 26, 2018

A Cambridge God Adventure* 86) One random sample

(*please skip if you have not been following this story).  My recall for this story has inevitably been patchy. Long ago, diminishing space meant I had to let go my collection of monthly Messengers (our church magazine) though these would have given me far too many memories for 86 posts.  As it is, I still have a large box of St. A's memorabilia with countless photographs that, given assiduous attention, would probably overwhelm any story telling.

But I was surprised to find just one random Messenger for September 1990 in the box. There's so much in it. Its opening Comment  itemizes several issues each beginning 'Our New' -
- assistant minister - Simon Houghton who served through the rest of my time at St. A's into the following interregnum.
- manse - with the setting up of Simon's new home on Tavistock Road.
- pastoral assistant - A new graduate Helen Bray succeeded Michael Wray,  I realize that I failed in my posts to do justice to this stream of graduates who stayed on to give a year's service.   Their contribution was significant as was the roll-call of names as they went on to make impact in the wider church.
- neighbours - the Cambridge Community Church (known now as C3) had outgrown their meeting place in Hills Road Sixth Form College.  From September 1990 they began to worship in the cinema next door to us. Their Senior Pastor Ian Rawley kept us in touch with all their plans and we happily welcomed them. What a difference such 'house churches' were to play from this period on through to today.
- opportunities - the City Council Planning department had  just given permission for Anglia TV to bring all their bulky transmitting equipment onto St. Andrew's Street for a national Sunday service on 4 August 1991.  This TV service was to provide a far-reaching opportunity for the gospel - those of us who shared in it will never forget.

Just a sample from one full magazine. So many others and so much else belongs within the story!

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