Friday, February 8, 2019

Biopsy - some good, some mystery

Definitely some good!  The doctor informed me yesterday that the bronchoscopy revealed kiebsiella oxyloca infection (in case you are asking!) but no evidence of endobrochial mass. An immediate injection was required but earlier sinister possibilities seem to have faded away. Hallelujah! My Christian doctor commented that my pneumonia had been serious and it would take some time for me to feel really well but that we could see how prayer had worked through these weeks.  'We have a good Lord!' he said.  And we all fervently agreed.  Of course, though this is difficult to think through, we would still need to say that we have a good Lord if it had turned out to be lung cancer.   God's goodness is a constant!

However, some lung mystery remains.  The cause of my problem requires further analysis at a Dysphagia Clinic and the state of my collapsed lung cannot be assessed until Feb.28th. when we assume the hospital will look to see, with fresh X rays, how much of the lung has inflated.

Through all this weariness we rejoice in your prayer support and care which has made a tremendous difference.  My hope is that I shall only need to post once more on this drawn out illness...soon after Feb 28th. with a full(er) lung.

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