Saturday, August 24, 2019

Photo realistic computer animation and a punt pole

With our grandchildren staying for a brief visit I had opportunity to be with Elliot (13 years plus) and Sophie (10 years) for at least a couple of experiences.  One dismal wet day I decided to take them to see The Lion King.  I had read about this billion$ grossing movie with its photo realistic computer animation remake of the earlier Disney animation. I had also read some mixed reviews!

In the small studio with about 50 recliners and ample space all round, we stuck popcorn and drink on a swing table between us and laid back (almost flat) for the pre-programme and then the (very) long movie. I know I am losing some hearing but when the lights went out it was deafening. Both children agreed it was too loud (though perhaps they were humouring me!)  Anyway, the movie itself was extraordinary, bringing animals to life in spectacular scenery and I gawped at the wonder of technology today. So, a very contemporary deafening experience.  My grandchildren besotted with ipads and games felt right at home.

On their last full morning Elliot wanted to go punting again.  He had already made a couple of happy attempts and wanted to expand his skills.  Going upstream my son punted leisurely towards Granchester/ Just river bank scenery, ducks and swans. Sophie was helped to wield the pole and her smile of triumph as she sat down was a delight.  Elliot then took over.  Unfortunately, the river bed was quite sticky and trees overhung either side.  His strenuous efforts took us from one side to the other and back.  And then the pole firmly stuck in the mud and (fortunately) Elliot let go. Suddenly we (and some onlookers on the bank) were enthralled by adventure.  Paddling furiously back to the pole we rescued it with such laughter.  Genuine enjoyment in the moment. Of course they took a video and pictures on the iphone but I couldn't help but contrast these two experiences.  One created by technology for us.  The other...just messing about in a boat. There's nothing like creating your own enjoyment together, is there?

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Brian said...

Totally agree about the excessive volume in cinema,and my hearing is still good.That's why I've had to stop going - and we have a brand new cinema in Grantham.Played for wedding the other week for lovely couple who wanted their own duo before, during and after service -easiest fee I've ever earned. But how loud!! I could barely cope. I think these groups equate volume with quality - louder the better. They will all be deaf in their 40s.