Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Fresh ambitions

This last weekend I made a couple of commitments.  By now, readers will know of the somewhat random nature of my postings...flitting from one subject to another.  And actually this is about trying to reduce flitting!

The first commitment was renewing my gym membership for a year.  I have belonged to a gym for several years beginning in the US under orders from a fierce doctor whose dire warnings about my health really motivated me.   In following years, motivation has become erratic and occasionally absent all together.  But, with a fresh year's renewal I really want to develop more regular exercise.  So, that's one ambition.

The other concerns reactivating my keyboard which has lived in the attic for much of the past year.  I pushed it up there when we needed the spare room for accommodation.  It's not full size and I only bought it because my minor stroke left me needing to exercise my left hand. However, like the gym, enthusiasm for doing exercises waxes and wanes.  In my teens playing the piano was one of my main hobbies but all that is in the far distance. I have a CD which re-introduces me to basics of scales etc.  It backs single finger exercises with extravagant orchestration so that Old MacDonald had a farm sounds positively symphonic.

How long will these fresh ambitions last?  I know the peril of going public but that's part of the pressure I need to put on myself.  Maybe I'll let you know.

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Don Babcock said...

Go work out!! Carol and your family need you around for many more years. If I can do it you can put in the effort two to three times a day. Get a trainer to help you.
When you first met me I weighed 400 lbs, had a 60" waist walked with a cane because of two slipped discs in my back. Today I weigh 234 lbs, 46" waist, no cane, no insulin no blood pressure pills. Still have 44 lbs to go for normal weight. I don't want you to have another stroke or heart attack. Start by walking a mile a day in addition to going to the gym.