Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Car Park Rendezvous

When we retired to Cambridge I mused that it was a city where we had a bit of personal history which meant that though we had been away 25 years we would occasionally be happily reminded of our past.

The other day an errand took us the other side of town and we visited a supermarket that we rarely use. Parking, donning masks and getting shopping bags ready we were surprised to hear the man about to load shopping into the car parked next to us. He spoke! Wearing a mask which slightly delayed recognition he greeted us with such enthusiasm. As he spoke the years rolled away.  He was a youth leader in our Cambridge church - an entirely voluntary role into which he flung himself headlong.  A gifted teacher, his rapport with the young people, combining immense energy and Christian zest, helped many young people make Christian commitments. Others were in the leadership team but his contribution was outstanding.

'Oh, how I miss those days!, he said. 'I'm still in touch with all those young people and they are still going strong for God. Some are church leaders now and I follow their marriages and family happenings and all that sort of thing'.  His face beamed.  Right there in the car park, I was suddenly reconnected with my past and realized with joy how the story has gone on and on.  We made promises to keep in touch more conscientiously.....and I hope we do.  There's nothing like picking up an old story of past joys and discovering it remains contemporary.

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