Tuesday, December 22, 2020

A Nativity Play 2)


MARTHA:  It's certainly different

JUSTUS: I'm not sure I caught it all, when do the shepherds come on?

JOHN: There aren't any shepherds, I was really trying to get to grips with the whole concept of God incarnate.

JUSTUS:  Without shepherds?

JOHN: Well, yes really, without shepherds.

JUSTUS: But my wife's already started working on the costumes

MARTHA:  Could we maybe have one or two shepherds just to balance out the angels?

JOHN: Actually there aren't any angels in it either

MARTHA: But my daughter's set her heart on being an angel

SIMON: Could she perhaps play Mary instead?

JUSTUS:  I think young Sarah's down to play Mary

MARTHA: Maybe we could have two Mary's

JOHN: Erm, actually there isn't a part for a Mary

JUSTUS:  Come on, you'll be telling us there isn't a donkey in it next.

JOHN: But that's just it, I'm trying to look at the whole thing from God's point of view - to see it as the central purpose of history since time began. Rather than looking at what happened then, to try and express what it means now- to help people see the wonder of an infinite God taking on flesh and becoming one of us.

SIMON: Maybe he's got a point

JUSTUS: I still think it would be better with shepherds and angels

MARTHA:  People are going to be awfully disappointed

SIMON: It is Christmas John

JOHN: And surely this is what Christmas is all about

MARTHA:  I just think all this Word became flesh business is going to confuse people - keep it simple that's what I say. It might be alright for one of your books.

JUSTUS: Well you can put it in your book if you like, but I can't see anyone reading it. 

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