Saturday, February 6, 2021

Car weirdness 2)

Because the scraping of my car revealed its grimy condition I set about cleaning it (on a break between showers! Delighted with the restoration of a gleaming white vehicle I remembered buying a plastic car cover from Aldi's middle aisle (you know the one?) many months ago.  Designed to fit a mid-size vehicle I unpacked it and found it covered the car with some room to spare.  I wondered why I had not done this before.  A sparkling car  was now protected from the elements on the driveway.

At 3:45 am the following morning we were both woken by a very disturbing and extremely loud noise.  Difficult to describe because I had never heard anything like it. I could only imagine that it was a helicopter hovering directly overhead. A chopping banging whooping noise sounded like rotors turning.  It was very close and loud enough to disturb neighbours. Looking out of the side window we saw that the car cover was in ferocious battle with a sudden squall of violent wind. Its loose fitting allowed this violent wind to rush inside and inflate it like some enormous kite which remained tethered at the front of the car. It was alive threatening to do damage with extraordinary noise and strength.  

Donning dressing gowns Carol and I fought the high wind and its manic impact on the car cover, managing to hold onto it and trap it into a bundle that we could safely drop inside the house.  Exhausted we went back to bed and resolved never to use the cover again!  And with even greater respect for the power of wind. 

It's a bit of a leap from a rather banal experience, but wind in Scripture also means breath and speaks of the Spirit of God on the move.  But note that on the day of Pentecost, suddenly a sound like the blowing of a violent wind came from heaven (Acts 2:2).. It was a sound only.  Just as well


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