Wednesday, June 23, 2021

An Accident

It's extraordinary how a dull Thursday morning, visiting the Emmaus Community (on the Ely Road) for coffee, could turn into such a traumatic mess.  As someone said to me 'That's why we call it an accident!'  Taking a back road to avoid major hold-ups on the A10 I approached a cross roads.  What happened next is a bit of a blur. The police and insurance reports will likely record that as I came into the main road to turn left I was hit by a van at the front on the driver's side. Shunted across the road at speed.  Who was at fault?  Good question.  I am sure I looked right and would have seen him but....! Nearby residents said it was an accident black spot with a previous collision just a week befor.

What is truly extraordinary is that the collision shot my foot down on the accelerator and we ploughed across the road straight for a large stone marker welcoming us to the village of Landbeach.  As Carol screamed for me to stop I found myself making a swift left turn that grounded us safely between the stone pillar behind and a telegraph pole ahead, with a solid street sign about 6 inches away, parallel with the car on the left hand side.  3 obstacles any of which could have done further damage to us.  Onlookers commented on the miraculous driving.  And it was.  We sometimes talk about God's protection and even guardian angels.  Well, this was some skillful driving of which I have no memory.  Many other things could have gone wrong too - a sudden break in oncoming traffic spared a further collision.

Reflecting (in this time of considerable after-shock) we give thanks for God's protection, for the amazing kindness of Landbeach villagers who brought us refreshments and enabled comfort breaks!, the help of passing first-aiders, the pleasant other driver was not seriously injured (though he did go to hospital for a check-up overnight), and a villager who drove us back home. Within the nearly six hours so much kindness

Alas, I have discovered my insurers are rated very badly and confused communications between them and outsourced support means the car remains in six days limbo (so far) until an engineer examines whether it is a write-off or not. :So we are in limbo too though neighbours and friends in the church are really helping us.  I'll let you know the next chapter.


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