Monday, January 3, 2022

An omen?

I do hope to post some worthwhile God stuff in 2022 but something happened that surprised me....and I wondered whether it might be an omen of how the New Year might work out for me.

Carol and I were doing shopping after Christmas in a big store near us.  Our trolley (shopping cart to US readers!) was beginning to fill.  At times we separated as I went in search for some item and then searched for Carol's pink anorak to find her and the accompanying trolley.  I was delighted to find some tins of prunes, and nursing three tins awkwardly I rushed to find Carol.  About to drop one, I was delighted to find her quite close by and with a clatter dropped the tins in the trolley.

A strange but kindly voice said: 'You've got the wrong trolley, darlin'!'  Looking up at the face of the lady, also wearing a pink anorak, I blinked, blurted an apology, retrieved the tins and set about finding their proper resting place.  I was amazed at myself for making this mistake.  As I put the tins in her trolley I should have noticed the large packet of Cornflakes and many tins of cat food.  What mental process was going on....or not going on?   That's what I mean about the omen.   May this be the last really daft mistake.  Probably not.

May you be preserved from making too many daft mistakes in 2022!

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