Saturday, April 1, 2023

A Holy Week Prayer

 I wrote a prayer for the end of my Toronto piece.  Perhaps it can act as a Holy Week prayer .

Gracious God, whose love for the world sent our Saviour Jesus:

We praise you for the vastness of your love, pivoting on Jesus’ last journey to Jerusalem,

where the horrors of Friday will be overwhelmed by the glory of Sunday, to bring a lost world back to you.

We marvel at his courage and obedience right through to the end for our sakes. 

Gracious Father, Son and Holy Spirit,

We rejoice that with a whole world to love, when anyone humbly cries out, ‘Lord, have mercy’ you hear and call us to yourself.

You still work one to one, giving assurance that however far off we may be, or insignificant in the tide of world affairs we are, you reach out with compassion and healing. 

With wonder and thanks for Bartimaus’ story, we come humbly before you asking that you will have mercy on us today,

In Jesus’ name.      Amen.


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