Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Recovery of some sight

To interrupt  my posts on life statements  (though  I must admit some difficulty in finding another one!) I am asking all those readers who are pray-ers whether you would please include a prayer for my son Simon. He undergoes some long-awaited eye surgery tomorrow at Moorfields, our national eye hospital in London.  For years he has struggled with different diseases in each eye which have deteriorated at contrasting rates.  Whenever there has been a bleed in either eye they have injected (in his words)| a superglue to stop the bleeding. But each time that bit of sight has been lost.  The downward slope of  unretrievable sight is continuous.

However, on his worst eye the plan tomorrow is to remove the cataract which has grown on a tissue paper surface (his consultant's words) to establish how serious the bleeding has been behind.  The sensitive scanning of his eye condition has been blocked by the wall of his cataract (again, the consultant's words), so they have no idea whether removal of the cataract, without damaging the retina (a dangerously possible outcome), will help the underlying condition.

Our under-pressure NHS has delayed action for many months but on Weds. 29th. November at 8:30 am his surgeon will operate.  So, prayers please.  As an editor whose work with magnified large font just about continues, and as a Dad whose family life has been incredibly diminished, we pray that the Lord of Healing will bless tomorrow's surgery.  Thanks for reading. 

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