Friday, March 1, 2024

Pictures please

One of our church members is on the cusp of publishing her book on telling the Bible in 60 minutes. The title is Telling the Big Story and the publishers (Kevin Mayhew) have given her permission to invite people to draw one of a number of internal small images for the book.  26 of us have been asked across the spectrum from children up to...well I guess I'm one  of the oldest.  The images really are small.  We were asked to draw simple line drawings in boxes no larger than 7.5 cm by 7.5 cm which would then be reduced further to fit in with the text.  

Lucy asked me to draw a queue of exiles in profile and to inspire me she sent a copy of an Assyrian bas  relief sculpture off the internet.  Being an Assyrian sculpture the exiles were dressed in Assyrian helmets and clothes!  I had never pictured how the Israelites might appear in profile on the way to Babylon but I guess they would be carrying some of their essentials.

With hesitation I sketched out a line drawing.  The Assyrian guard brings up the rear behind three laden exiles.

Forgive the reproduction quality with its dark shadow but you get the idea.   It's another first in the rich tapestry of life!

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