Sunday, June 16, 2024

Covid hits

Two Sundays ago I was merrily in fellowship with shared responsibility for a busy prayer corner after the morning service and a good healthy feeling about life. But, later that same day I was hit hard by flu like symptoms with sore throat, head ache, coughing, nausea and exhaustion.  Unaware of having been in any unhealthy places, I struggled the next couple of days to wade through the symptoms, hoping Carol would stay free. Alas, on Wednesday she succumbed!  It then dawned on me that this was a heavier issue than a cold/flu.

I dug out the boxes of Covid tests that were left over from the height of the pandemic 18 months ago.  One large box had dried out completely.  The other expired last September but a couple of test tubes still had some liquid in them. When I tested myself I was unsurprised that the two bars shone positively and instantly.  No doubting this was the real deal!  Neighbours bought some up to date tests to use for Carol.  The same positive result emerged instantly.  In spite of me having all the covid injections on offer somehow the latest variant has sneaked through the defences.  And it is utterly miserable.  I have slept large slabs of time since which at least is a good escape mechanism.  But it's taking its toll.

We tested again with the same positive results three days ago but I have just emerged into negative territory.  Carol has been behind in recovery but is at last making progress.  I know that so many others have been through these suffering cycles - perhaps including you. It has interrupted several plans and appointments but how we deal with interruptions is an indication of our maturity and patience ( or lack of them!)  Seeking to be mature and patient!

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