Monday, November 3, 2008

The Big 7 for Christian Leaders (4)

I have pondered what seven characteristics matter most for Christian leaders:

1. Sacrificial Love
2. Secret Prayer
3. Sensitive Leadership
4. Realistic Pastoring
5. Unruffled Security
6. Coping Well with Criticism
7. Joyful Generosity

Each of these marks, requires more explanation that I hope to provide in coming days.

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Anonymous said...

Well, you've reached a milestone: the one hundredth blog or maybe the one hundredth blog this year. Congratulations! Any wise advice about the practice of one of the newest forms of public speech?

You're comments on sevens (complete and perfect) has been interesting. Your current discussion limits the characteristics to Christian leaders; are the leaders you have in mind pastors only or are lay leaders included as well? Are any of us really excluded when we stand before God as each of us lead at least a small flock of individuals that God leads across our paths? As I look at leadership, I think some leaders just have more responsibility than others and a more public audience to their leadership. In the end, I hope all of God's characteristics are evident in my life including the characteristics of godly leadership and it sounds like these characteristics you have listed hit all the high notes.