Monday, October 19, 2009

Real Life Interrupts! (2)

As some readers know, my wife and I had to rush to New Jersey for these last four days because my son Rob had another attack which put him back into hospital. It seemed like another stroke because of loss of speech and movement, but after exhaustive tests (day and night) the (many) experts are still not sure about cause and prognosis. They don't think he has suffered strokes! It's been a deeply perplexing time.

Rob is now out of hospital and awaiting further results of tests over the next two weeks, and so we continue to wait and pray. Our presence seemed a real boost to our embattled family out there. We believe there have been answers to prayer in the fact that he has no evident sign of damage to brain or heart in spite of these attacks. Anyway we keep upholding him....

As a sidebar - the title "real life interrupts" can be really misleading, as though other parts of our lives are less real just because they are ordinary. Actually, the mundane should be just as real. But what I have learned is to try and ensure that the right responses are made at the right time when emergencies break into other plans! And by "right responses" I mean - what would God want me to do! Maybe I should blog on that!


Anonymous said...

Michele and I were so saddened to hear of the event that took you away from EHS. I have prayed for you, your dear wife, and son. You are appreciated, respected, and missed. Randal Pelton

dss said...

As we make plans and adjust plans when facing many types of interruptions, we need to seek God. It's hard to do always on a moment by moment basis. Sometimes I want to react based on my feelings and I know that is not how Christ responded. Therefore, I have to pray that God will give me wisdom daily so that when I do face these situations I can trust that I have been seeking God and his direction all along the way. I know that you both are seeking God's guiding hand to direct you in the mundane and the extraordinary situations of life. Know that our prayers are with you all. Praise God for Rob's good report today!