Monday, October 12, 2009

Real Life Interrupts!

Suddenly, last Thursday, in the midst of pursuing teaching, thinking about worship and living "normally" I received news that my son Rob (only 34 years old) had suffered a stroke, and was in intensive care (in a New Jersey hospital). I now write after the event with good news that he has made a strong recovery, but many of you will identify with the churning dislocation of reality that my wife and I went through these last days while waiting for test results and signs of improvement. Undoubtedly he has been given a major "wake-up call" - it could have been so very serious. We are profoundly grateful for signs of recovery, though he must take it slowly.

Prayers of family and friends have been powerful yet again. And I've been reminded how fragile we are, and how presumptuously we often behave - as though ill-health happens to other people. Real life interrupts! I share in this "wake up call" to God's daily gift of life and health that is too often taken for granted.


dss said...

Our lives are truly short-lived like the grass or flowers. When we stop to consider, every day, very breath is a gift from God that he wants us to use for his purposes. Our choices need to be more purposefully for the Lord and his kingdom, and to be less about our own desires. This isn't something that we can do by our own strength though. We must depend on Him. As we do, He will enable us to keep his will at the forefront and lay up our treasure with him in heaven. Then, we'll be ready whatever day or hour He calls. Thankfully, we can trust our God that loves us so completely and is so good throughout that we need not doubt what comes.

Brian said...

Such sad news -I pray that Rob may soon be given renewed strength -your family and friends need you. perhaps this is a sign to slow down and get out of the rat-race, if you can, for awhile,at least.God bless