Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Second Anniversary

When I began posting on November 18 2007 I had little idea where my blog might go. I had a three ground rules:
1) To try and avoid narcissism - but inevitably writing about personal events and attempting personal perspectives does stroke ego.
2) To give devotional nuggets for thought on a range of issues.
3) To entice collaborators to help me work on projects, both writing and speaking.

Here we are two years later. Probably I have failed with 1) above, but the best outcome has been the range of collaborators who have been willing to give me input and feedback. I have found it invaluable.

I have been warned that my blog will never develop strongly unless I am pro-active and link up strategically in the blogosphere. I confess failure here - often it's been almost too much effort just to post something coherently on this site never mind connect with others. Anyway, I enter my third year tremendously grateful to you all for reading and caring. I found that out when my son Rob was ill (he's still making slow progress by the way!) Many thanks for journeying with me.


Michael Pugh said...

The personal makes it universal!

But I know what you mean about avoiding narcissism and think you're doing a fine job of it.

It's been a pleasure reading your nuggets of wisdom and insight. Thanks for taking us on the journey.

dss said...

I know Bill and I've enjoyed it too.