Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Off to Oz

Today I leave for Sydney, Australia and at the moment I am surrounded by papers - hoping and praying that I am taking all the appropriate ones! Many speakers share the anxiety about leaving something important behind! (It's a perennial dream, nightmare, of standing up in front of people and realizing you are not prepared). Sorting papers out in files for my different responsibilities ahead is daunting.

I am reminded of E. Stanley Jones' saying: "It's not my responsibility but my response to his ability that counts." I know careful preparation and right materials (and missing papers) is all dependent on God's grace to make it effective. So, I need to trust in a big way!

Maybe I shall be able to post something when I'm there....but at some stage I shall let you know what happens. Thanks for partnering with me.


Parkinson Family said...

Thanks for your teaching at our Preaching Conference and your ideas about collaboration and blogging.
Rev. Andrew Parkinson

dss said...

My response to his ability is an apt thing to remember for each of us whether we are preachers or not. His enabling is all we need whatever we face. Thanks for the reminder.

Anonymous said...

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