Sunday, July 25, 2010

Farewell to FBC Wheaton

Today marked the end of my eight week series, and the joy of consecutive preaching in the same pulpit. Thank you to wonderful friends at the church who supported and prayed through this time. It's only a month now until their pastor, Mike Rowe, returns from his splendid sabbatical and the church has other preachers covering through August. Now, in these next months (as my sabbatical study leave continues) I shall seek to write a book on Truth Spaces for group Bible study. Hopefully there will be a positive outcome to share with you...eventually.

One or two asked me today what was next for me! Thanks for asking. Well, Carol and I are looking forward to beginning our postponed visit to the UK in order to see family and friends. However, before then, in addition to a couple of writing projects to finish up I shall be at Northwest Baptist Church in Milwaukee on August 7th & 8th. They have received a grant from Lilly Foundation, through the Calvin Institute of Worship, to develop their Sermon-based Small Groups process (SBSG). I am leading two workshops on August 7th. one of which will engage with my preaching preparation for the following day, at the two morning services.

It sounds a very well-conceived project and I am sure that I shall learn as much as I teach! Perhaps I will have a chance to ask any of you who are small group leaders for your help on the way! Watch this space.

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