Thursday, July 29, 2010

Effective small groups

What are the factors that make small groups successful?

On Saturday August 7th. I am leading two workshops in Milwaukee which will focus on leading small groups as the church develops some new patterns. I hope, since they are workshops (involving others sharing in work!) that I can brainstorm with the leaders about factors that make small groups work in their own experience.

One expert claims that the number one factor is:
Do have a clear covenant or contract of purpose for a group that is accepted by all members. Agree why the group is meeting and what you want to achieve in the life of its members.

I can think of many other factors. I am not sure which are the most important and in what order I would put them. Can any of you share out of your experience of small groups?


Dtbubba said...

Hey Dr. Quicke!

This is Robert Locklear. Just to jog your memory, I was Dr. Webber's shadow for a years and spoke at his memorial service at Christ Church of Oak Brook.

Anyway, I'm preaching on Sunday on moving from Guilt to Grace from Galatians 1:6-17. I use your Swim model every time I sit down to write a sermon (third time now; third since taking your class just a few years ago at NBTS!). Was picking up your book to look up details on the stereo draft and thought I look you up to see what you're up too.

Good to see you are well. Safe travels to England and Wisconsin!

Peace Be with You,
Robert Locklear

Anonymous said...

Love and commitment by leader of the group to growth of his flock that leads him to pray for them and share clear biblical teaching with them; love and commmitment of the group members one to another; love of God and his word,devotion to prayer, faith in God, zeal for his word and belief in his ability and willingness to accomplish his purposes in you and through you in the world; willingness to be generous and hospitable and sharing of all you have--open handedness; service to others within and outside of the body. I can see how a covenant would be helpful in this situation; humility and forgiveness modeled one to another.