Saturday, August 14, 2010

First week in a blur

Probably it wasn't the best way to prepare for our UK visit (!), but last weekend with Northwest Baptist Church in Milwaukee proved lively and worthwhile. At the Saturday workshops I particularly appreciated the 'soulstorming' sessions on what factors make for effective small group work. Everyone piled in! For the second session, three sets of study notes had been written by different leaders on the same subject - my sermon the next day. I needed to evaluate each and decide which was to be used the next day! I pray that they go on developing their evident skills and abilities to listen to each other, in the next stages of the project.

Then we flew to the UK overnight Monday to be greeted by a change in the weather. Up until now, a warm dry Summer has provided good holiday weather. Since our arrival temps. are down and rain is ever-present! Never mind....we have already enjoyed two days with friends in Shillingford and are now in Abingdon, Oxfordshire. I am in enforced isolation from the internet....the only way of contacting the cyber-world is by signing up for a session in the local library! By this technique I have at least managed to read some mail and post this.

From time to time I hope to keep in contact.....thanks for reading. I hope wherever you are the summer is proving a time of renewal.

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