Thursday, August 26, 2010

Second week in a blur

After reconnecting with friends and family at Abingdon we have moved onto Spurgeon's College, where I was Principal (1993-2000). When we left for the US we took advantage of the large attic in the main college building, and stacked a (very) large number of crates and boxes of worldly goods. Without any reflection or sorting we piled in everything including our children's books, toys and early artistic efforts, correspondence through the ages, collectible plates and royal mugs, art work and curtains, and (most seriously) my personal library.

Alas, the fire officer has decreed they are a fire hazard and need to be cleared out. Many of you will know the strains of sorting out a lifetime's clutter. I know we should not focus on material things subject to moth and rust....but many of these old boxes keep producing papers and photographs that bring gasps of delight in recollection. It's going to be tough reducing them but the discipline is vital. The main positive outcome are the many reminders of God's leading and sheer goodness in our past. So often we just don't make time to look back to remember and be thankful. Yes, there's rejoicing. But we have also planned a large bonfire for tomorrow!

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