Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Third week in Suffolk

Just to show you how the sun can shine in Suffolk, here we are with friends Ray and Yve! Enjoying an English Cup of Tea! Before arriving in Suffolk we continuted sorting out our past (in boxes and bonfires) and spent several happy days with our London family. I wish I could post photographs with them (Ray helped me above!) having many more cups of tea (though the wet weather rarely allowed us to sit outside).
Just to keep us rooted (!), we have learned that in spite of turning off the water supply in our US home, the valve proved leaky and filled up a faulty washing machine to overflowing.... innundating the immediate area and then flowing through the floor into the basement. For the second time in six months water has therefore wreaked havoc in the basement. Fortunately, a great neighbor and a very practical friend have stepped in to rescue the situation and are drying out the carpet and assessing the damage even as I write this. You just never know what's going to happen next, do you?

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dss said...

So sorry for you and Carol. Your neighbors are dears to help so while you two are away. Enjoy these weeks in spite of the problems here at home.