Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A Reunion with Edge

Last weekend I met with a group of people most of whom I had not seen for fifty years (or so). They were members of the Robert Hall Society -the Baptist student society of Cambridge University (named after a famous English Baptist preacher). All had begun as students between 1958 and 1965. Around 70 of us gathered to spend at day at Fitzwilliam College, concluding with chapel worship.

I have been to few reunions (so far) but this was definitely different. After an introductory talk on how much Cambridge has changed, given by a former member who is now a Professor of History at the university, five people spoke about their life journeys since being students. They shared so honestly about sadnesses, disappointments, illnesses along the way. Yet, overwhelmingly, their life work and relationships expressed such Christian faith that radiated through many different signs of fulfilment. They spoke about growth, God's surprises, service at home and abroad, and the continuing adventure of living for God. Someone later commented about the sheer hopefulness and forward-lookingness that expressed a commitment to go on living fully into yet older years!

It was good to meet old friends - it really was. But hearing such reflections made me think hard too? Just how would I sum up my life journey so far? And what about you?

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dss said...

These times are moving if we allow them to be. How wonderful that these individuals were so real and willing to openly share and witness with honesty; it is also wonderful that they are committed to our Lord and thankful in spite of what could have been derailing experiences in their lives. "In spite of" speaks of their faith and does impact hearers greatly if the audience is open to hearing. I'm glad that you were and it is making me ponder my life also.