Sunday, May 29, 2011

Chinese Language Traditional Script Edition

I was thrilled yesterday to receive a package from Baker Books containing three copies of the just translated 360degree Preaching in Chinese. It says it is in the "traditional script" - I am not sure what this means as compared with non-traditional! But it gives me yet another bizarre experience of holding copies of a book which I wrote, yet each page is utterly intelligible.

China is an extraordinary country with powerful economics and inspiring signs of spiritual growth in the Christian church. When the Chinese editor last wrote to me she spoke of her prayers that this book will be greatly used to help a new generation of preachers in China. Of course, I echo her prayers but I have only the vaguest notions of what it might mean! Over here there are seminaries, conferences and amazon. However things may work out over there (and I guess they have all three!), I have now put China on my prayer agenda that my little effort might bear fruit along the way. What a privilege even if it influences just one preacher for good! Bizzarely wonderful! Thank you, Lord, for an unexpected sphere of influence for you.

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