Monday, May 9, 2011

Senior Pastors seeking Excellence

I remember asking readers a couple of years ago to help me prepare to speak at the Moody Pastors' Conference. I asked: "What should I tell these pastors?" Several really helpful suggestions came from non-preachers who spoke from the heart! I used some of them in my address.

Shortly (on May 18) I face another opportunity. The Center for Excellence in Congregational Leadership is a two year program for Senior Pastors (at Green Lake, Wisconsin). It goal is summed up: "By the winds of the Holy Spirit to help pastors increase joy in ministry and help churches reach communities for Christ through health and outward focus." I have been given a whole day for teaching about preaching.

Of course, they will be experienced preachers. Conference organizers have asked them to read my books on preaching so (perhaps) they will be aware of what I might say! I am really praying about which few vitally significant things deserve maximum attention. I want to encourage lively participation and be open to the winds of the Holy Spirit breathing fresh enthusiasm.

I should so value prayer as this develops. I shall let you know and, as always, your insights are welcome.


Anonymous said...

I'm struck by the purpose statement and the use of the term "joy". The writers see an obvious correlation between joy and contagious outreach. MIght it be that if our preaching was filled with more joy, our leadership would become more Spirit-driven, our witness would become more contagious, our worship more alive and our love for ministry more compelling. I'm struck that many in this group may have surrendered the joy that should accompany preaching. But preaching is work...hard back breaking work! It doesn't always feel "joyful." So how can I find the joy of preaching? How can I sustain it? How can God use it? It's possible that far from an academic lecture, this is what many of these battle worn scar saturated pastors will need! Just a wild thought! Praying for you Michael.

Michael Quicke said...

This is an inspiring comment. Yes, it's not academic lectures that are needed but gales of Holy Spirit joy. Thank you