Thursday, April 26, 2012

Great seminary news!

It has just been announced that Scot McKnight will join Northern Seminary this summer as our New Testament Professor. Scot is a colossus in the world of evangelical scholarship whose prodigious output has greatly impacted the church. It is not just multiple books and journal articles (written very accessibly too), but an extraordinary blog which pumps out challenges throughout each week.  I asked him about his creativity at interview and he explained that he is up at 5:00 am every morning to start writing and, if possible, he continues right through until the evening. He is strictly disciplined and will not be distracted by anything because writing is the locus for his God-given creativity. 

What continued to thrill us as we spent time with him was his passion for the gospel, his love for students, his gifts for teaching and inspiring others, and his ability to relate so warmly and easily to us in the mission of Northern.  Frankly, the quality of a seminary depends greatly on the quality of its faculty.  With the arrival of Cherith Fee-Nordling as our Theology Professor and now Scot McKnight, the seminary is quite remarkably strengthened for God's kingdom purpose.  Scot is a big-picture believer and we shall all be impacted for good.  Thank you Lord for this move!

Scot posted about his move at  and the seminary expressed our excitement at  These are great days at Northern.  Thank you to all of you who support us.

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