Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Botox Hallelujahs

Occasionally this blog is interrupted by medical bulletins (alas, a sign of increasing age!)  But I just have to post good news today.  Since returning to the UK I have been in trouble with my three-monthly injections because my local hospital could only use a medicine called Dysport instead of Botox which has greatly helped through my US years.  Unfortunately, my two treatments with disport only allowed problems and pain to increase.
Last time my consultant told me that she would try and negotiate with the Hospital Trust to see whether I could be made an exception, with an authorization for her to use botox.  Dire mutterings were heard about the difficulties of securing this drug.  A friend in high places (on the Trust's Board) promised to add support though warned how difficult this might be.
As you can already guess, when I went for my next injections this morning...the beaming consultant told me that she had been successful on my behalf.  Because I was treated successfully with botox outside the hospital trust and dysport proved to be less effective I have been declared AN EXCEPTION.  That's the kind of exception I am glad to be!
As soon as Carol heard she rightly said: 'This is another answer to prayer. Thank you, Lord.'  So many friends have been praying for me and my discomfort had become very visible at times! Thank you so much for supporting me through this difficult time.  I am truly grateful.


DSS said...

Good news! Very good news and, yes, Carol is right. Praise God!

Unknown said...

As someone who understands the trials and tribulations associated with chronic pain, I salute you on your success of getting onto the "Exception" list. That is God, isn't it? :)