Friday, June 27, 2014


By now a bewildering range of people, whose email trails happened to have crossed mine, have received a begging message from me (in tears) needing money urgently in Ukraine. Many of my contacts over the last nine years seem to have been besieged.
Yes, I have been well and truly hacked.  Somehow my account was accessed and the computer security system was compromised which then gave them free reign (even though I had only changed my password again last month!)
So, multiple apologies if you have been troubled.  My minister (an IT expert - how useful a pastoral gift is that?) and one of my sons (also with nerdish tendencies) came to my rescue to stop the rot and download a new protective system.  I have devised new passwords that are so cunning I have already forgotten them!
Carol intrigued me as she mentioned the kind of people I am likely to have mixed with over these last years.  We would expect them to be kind and compassionate (touched by my tears) but also very bright and not taken in by the scam for a second.
May your systems remain free of corruption and your passwords also be cunning yet memorable!

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