Friday, November 21, 2014

NKP - Hallelujah news!

It was way back on August 31st that I posted news that a proposal was being submitted to the Lilly Grant Foundation in the USA from Northern Seminary bearing the initials NKP.  These stand for 'A New Kind of Preacher'.  A programme focusing less on the processes of preaching than the person of the preacher, especially in relationship to the worshipping community.  By forums, peer learning groups and new resources NKP proposed to open up the lives of preachers in the Metro-Chicago area to fresh opportunities of collaboration. 

Well, as you can guess from the heading....we heard today that the proposal has been accepted and the grant awarded!   Wonderful! The newly-appointed administrator (appointed in faith!) sent me a sound presentation - to an accompanying drum roll the slide show announced this good news.  It's for a five year programme which must become self-sustaining by its conclusion. Like all new ideas it will involve considerable hard work to bring it to birth. It's a truism in leadership that it's not the beginning enthusiasm that counts but sustaining momentum to the desired outcome. Remember the warning about building a tower and not being able to finish it (Luke 13: 28-30)?  But, as you can guess, I am really eager to give it my best as I work on through my quasi-retirement.  It's a wonderful opportunity to flesh out ideas from my last book in one of the most diverse church settings in the world.  Yes, I'm excited and grateful. 

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