Friday, November 28, 2014

Thanksgiving in England

Having celebrated Thanksgiving in the USA for the last fourteen years, Carol decided to carry on the tradition yesterday with (as you might imagine!) great verve.  In the past, we have so enjoyed this day filled with spirit of thankfulness. The table was set early with requisite table decorations and food was organized including turkey, mash potatoes, fruit salad, salad, green beans, pies etc. etc. From the outset Carol bounced with thankfulness. Early, she called one friend who is suffering from serious cancer to surprise him with thanks for all his friendship and help through our lives. Other thankful phone calls followed. She invited our 91year old neighbor in for coffee and mince pies and promised she would take over a spare meal later that evening.

Monster preparations continued through the day because our three friends were at work until late, so our thanksgiving meal could not begin until 7:30 pm. But when they all arrived, they were inducted carefully.  Carol read the full story of the first thanksgiving (aimed for children!) and each of us shared particular thanks during the past twelve months.  As we have always found, such sharing led us to profound places of reflection.  None of them had been to a thanksgiving meal before and as they left around 11:20 pm to face a full days' work today, they told us how much they appreciated every aspect - especially the food and the story.  'I never knew what lay behind the US thanksgiving celebration' said one. 

All this combined with happy thanksgiving messages flowing backwards and forwards across the Atlantic from US family and friends throughout the day.  It was something of an experiment and I am glad that Carol made all that effort.  Pausing to give thanks is really worthwhile!

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