Saturday, April 2, 2016

Little details - some homecoming problems !

While away in the US we parked at the airport's long-stay car park.  Booking early greatly reduces the price and allows you to arrive and return under your own steam. So, I paid 116.38 pounds up front and put in my registration number so that entrance and exit would be straightforwardly registered on camera.

Tuesday morning, landing tired after missing a night's sleep, we happily reclaimed our car which purred into action immediately.  However, the exit barrier refused to budge unless I paid 551.72 pounds.  What?  Hurriedly I pressed the assistance button. Apparently I had given incorrect registration details: AL15 instead of AJ15.  How did I make that mistake? They are not even next to each other on the keyboard.  Carol sighed!  With considerable concern we waited until the office sorted out the truth! Fortunately, they eventually located my payment and with immense relief the barrier was raised. Carol commented that she hoped the rest of our homecoming would be trouble-free.
Entering the house all seemed normal until I opened the freezer for a dollop of ice-cream and found a tub of unpleasant liquid with black blobs floating in it!   The freezer instruction book instructs buyers to tape over the freezer plug to safeguard against accidental switching off.  In her desire to save electricity Carol had swiped our untaped over freezer out-of-play.  I sighed. The smell of decomposing goodies, including a large beef joint, was overpowering.  Refuse bins filled up with evil-smelling matter as windows remained wide open.

So far that's it! It is sometimes said that 'the devil is in the detail' - certainly it felt like it! Trying not to neglect little details we now settle down to undertake some bigger finishing the resource book for the New Kind of Preacher project!


Brian said...

Somehow both these mistakes seem to tie in with old age.Sorry you had such unpleasant experiences. Agape, Brian

MichaelQuicke said...

Sadly, you're right. As Carol says: 'Getting old is not for wimps!'